The grace of God

When one begins to survey the Bible, the beauty of God’s grace toward mankind is seemingly found on every page. God could have restarted after Adam and Eve sinned, but instead He made a promise of a Savior (Genesis 3:15). God could have ended it all during the violence and wickedness of Noah’s days, but He found righteous Noah and saved his family from their present condition. When Israel turned their backs on His commandments and statutes, God could have done away with the nation of Israel, but He delivered them by judges, kings, and prophets. Even in their bondage the Lord did not forget His children, but rather appointed the time of their captivity and delivered them. The grace of God was manifested in every stage of Israel’s history; from their cries in Egypt, to their return from captivity and reentry into the Land. Continue reading The grace of God


When a person enters his freshman level courses in college, he is confronted with anxiety and fear of the unknown future. The number of students in the large auditorium only adds to an already heightened state of paranoia. The courses that he has been assigned promise to be much different from the classes he had experienced in high school. Where he was once able to sneak by without much preparation and study, to be successful in college, he will need to perform at a much higher level. This trepidation may relax over the coming years, but still with every new year and new level of classes bring the same higher expectation of preparation and knowledge. The only way to succeed and remain on target is to give diligence to his studies and class work.  Continue reading Romans