We have all experienced the consequence of another person’s rubberneck. When you are traveling south on I-65 and you begin to see blue lights in the northbound lanes up ahead, what begins to happen to the traffic in the southbound lanes? The traffic will slow down as the drivers begin to look at the damage of an accident in the opposite lanes. This of course does not only cause the dreaded “secondary-onlookers delay,” but it will generally become the source of a secondary accident in the southbound lanes. The drivers who are not paying attention to one another will end up merging “accidentally” causing another collision in the southbound lanes. The traffic delay that was once only hindering the northbound lanes has now become the source of the entire interstate coming to a standstill.  Continue reading Rubberneck

Running in a Race

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad are now being played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Olympics are held every four years and have become a wonderful display of worldwide unity and tremendous sportsmanship. While there may be heated rivalries between certain athletes and nations, there still remains a comradeship that is at times inspiring to watch. One sport that we may not watch outside of the Olympics is swimming, but for the past ten nights America has been held captive as we have watched the legendary status of Michael Phelps continue to grow. He stands far above the other athletes because this is his record-setting fifth Olympics and he has now amassed twenty-three gold medals. These lofty heights will surely stand for many years to come. Continue reading Running in a Race